Monday, July 18, 2011

Visit to Helsinki Temple and Turku


Met with Kirsti and Heikki in Turku and renewed our friendship.
We spoke of the changing world and the disintegration of the family

Had a great opportunity to introduce them to our new Mission Pres and his wife The Rawlings who just happened to be in Turku that day and already he speaks fantastic Finnish.

Its great to be serving a mission!!

They are such a great family

We visited with Satu for about 2 hours but sh is not well  so we will keep in touch


We drove down to Helsinki to see our young man Tim Helske off on his mission to London and to attend the temple with him .Darla and Matti his parents were also there as were his aunt and uncle Anna Marie and Esa. Will post a better photo as ours didn't turn out too well

We did temple work each day  and loved the temple setting
We drove the 8 hour drive from Kemi with our little car and stayed at the Mission home for 3 nights

 Elder Helske is on the right and the other young man is going to London South but they are both going to the Manchester MTC for 3 weeks

Visited the Helsinki museum, Cathedral and waterfrontfor a few hours
It's a beautiful city and left Adelaide for dead.
The roads and freeways and buildings were magnificent
Ofcourse the tourist industry is big here

Have struggled uploading and downloading and have taken way too much time so will say love to you all and keep in touch

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  1. Never forget your roots Chris... you have to come home sometime xoxox