Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dads 65 Birthday

Here is the MAN at 65 years of age and doesn't he look Happy!! Sorry his badge is not on his jacket but as you look at the next picture you will see it is on his T shirt whch he had been wearing just before as he was helping a member paint his ceilings

Card from Ellen which arrived right on the day, drawings and notes and emails - thank you all and the black leather satchel gets lugged everywhere with his "stuff" in it. It was a great early birthday gift.

 Dad knows he is a lucky man and counts our blessings in prayer day and night. Its so nice to keep in touch with you via skype

Rhubarb is so thick and plentiful and everyone is eating berries of all sorts as much as possible as the season is short so I made a rhubarb and strawberry pie forr his birthday and served it with cream and icecream YUM!

We had it for lunch and then travelled to Oulu for a YSA sleepover activity which included Rovaniemi

This was our service project washing cars and it was soooo hot which the people in these parts are not accustomed to so much heat

Keeping cool but wouldn't you know it just as we finished it Poured with rain then the sun came out again with a vengance and it was so humid. So a lot of things planned for didn't happen but it was great to be together

Teppo is one of our YSA's and  has just graduated from high school as you can see from his cap and had a celebration before he left to go into the army for 6 months with another 2 young men from Oulu Branch.Every young man serves in the army for at least 6 months or sometimes 12 and then serve a 2 year mission
Even the girls are keen on going on missions so we have a great missionary heritage here.

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