Thursday, June 16, 2011

KESA is Here - That Means SUMMER

Sorry to have taken so long to get another post away but we have been very busy and the computer upload for photos has taken forever so here goes.
We are happy and feel blessed to be here in Kemi amongst such wonderful people who exemplify service, and caring for their neighbour is just a natural part of their makeup.They involve us in their lives and we are feeling very comfortable getting around now as we explore all the streets and roads on our morning or evening walk and as we drive.
I am able to walk in 5 minutes to and from church which is great and we are about 10 min from the shopping centre in town.
WeWe have had a heat wave of 4 days recently with heat of 33 degrees and no aircon so nights have been hot but it has felt like home. Everything is green and flowers are being planted and blossoming everywhere. Daylight is on most of the time and on 24 June, Juhannus day, the sun will not set so we are having a branch party at the Ladenperas mokki (holiday house by the lake or sea).Fortunately I have put up blockout curtains in our bedroom so we get some sleep.

We have been involved with the members in a special fast Sunday first Sunday in June requested by our European Area Presidency to fast and invite friends to Sacrament.
We visited all of our families and reviewed with them the principles of fasting. It was a good experience and we got to be involved with the children more.
We are teaching temple prep class to Tim Helske who leaves on his mission mid July for London .
We have been involved in painting an apartment, helping pack up a house, clean a yard, and so the list goes but we are not on our own and are enjoying serving.
We were invited to a small funeral and Jouni was a pall bearer.
5 of our youth went to EFY in Tampere and loved it and next week 7 of them and 3 leaders are off to the temple for 5 days. We are planning a Branch temple trip to Helsinki in October

Our missionary group visited with Santa for a photo after last district conference.They're great missionaries!!

Its summer holidays here and people everywhere are going on holidays to make the most of the Kesa (summer) before the snow comes.
We spotted 4 deers eating close to the edge of the road while driving to Rovaniemi last week. They are beautiful and came up onto the road and ran in front of us for quite a distance.
Ellen sent me a beautiful silver necklace with the word Siunaus imprinted onto it meaning "blessed " in Finnish - it was a special surprise.It has an amethyst chrystal and a pearl.
We love you all and you are ever in our thoughts and prayers.


  1. At long last another blog. I keep missing you on skype, but will keep trying. You both look great and best of luck with that car Jouni...xooxo

  2. So good to see your faces. Love the car the top down :) and the other bits and pieces of your life you are sharing. You both look so young and full of life. I can tell you are really enjoying it all. The language does not seem to be a barrier at all. Santa in June was a bit funny, but I suppose you live in the north pole so he is around any old time. All well here. We are busy and involved in church and family life. Shingles all gone and looking forward to a weekend in Ohio with the children and then in July Ariana and Derick will come down to stay for a week and learn about Florida. Can't wait. xoxoxxoox coming your way with gusto!!!

  3. Yes, that sports car was definitely more your style. But I am a little unsure how often you would actually take the roof down in your cold part of the world.