Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Still in Rovaniemi

We have found a small 2 bedroom unit, colour yellow in Keminmaa just a few kms outside of Kemi at Jokisuu but are waiting for actual confirmation that it is ours so patience is a virtue (one which I lack but am learning).The saints are wonderful and welcoming and we have visited with them in their homes and at meals and Vanhin Soininen served a RS dinner to all of us sisters with the other men of the Branch. We had Lohi (salmon) with pineapple and potatoes and/or curried chicken salad and caramel and banana pie with a heavy 700 year old rye bread recipe - delicious! We have cooked tacos for our YSA group, 7 in total here after institute last week and kebabs tonight. I will cook Lasagne and salad for our district Conference on Friday for14 people and Sis Call the other Missionary couple in our district will do dessert and bread rolls.We picked up a young Hungarian student who is interested in the Gospel and took him to our FHE where Elmo taught about agency and we were able to teach him about the preexistence and the body and spirit using a glove-went down well . He is joining with us on Saturday to go ice fishing where we will each cut a hole  into the ice and try to lure a fish. Makkara (sausages ) incase we dont catch enough for lunch :)  Jouni is teaching the Missionary prep class Thursday evening on the prophets and apostasy and we have learned what an amazing man William Tyndall was - one of the reformers.
Some of the girls here are great cooks as you can see by the photo which I cant show until I get their permission as there are very strict privacy laws here in Finland
Visited this old Finnish Lutheran church with an amazing fresco of Christs 2nd coming at the alter

This one of the members homes typically Finnish and Vanhin Soininen showing off as usual shovelling snow which is fast disappearing. We are driving 3 hours on Sunday to Oulu for a special conference so life is full .
Our little Grace has arrived safely and we have enjoyed her on Skype - one of the perks of being an old couple:)!More news to come Love to you all


  1. Hey Mama and Papa,
    Loving your blog! Wish I could be there to east some lasagne with you!! We miss and love you and are so glad that you are having a blast! xoxox

  2. Dear Sweet Missionaries: So lovely to see that you are well and teaching the people and having success. There is no joy like the joy of service. Stay warm and well. My love to you both. xoxoxoxo

  3. I am just getting the hang of this blog thing. You both look great. Good to see Jounni doing some hard work:) Keep it up at least you will stay warm that way. love ger xoxoxo