Monday, May 2, 2011

Last Days in Rovaniemi With YSA and Zone Conference

Went with the YSA,s and a young man from Hungary in red out icefishing. The sun was shining and there were quite a few locals out on the ice. I think they take every opportunity to get a bit of sunshine. We all drilled holes through the half metre thick ice and dropped in our lines with a live maggot attached. Then we waited and waited and waited!
 Needless to say we didn't catch anything but had fun anyway .
Gave up and lit a fire and roasted makkara for lunch


President and Sis Brown are the best Mission Pres -very charismatic, loving, extremely complimentary and exemplary in all things. We love them.
Zone Conference was in Rovaniemi and so 14 of us attended. We picked the Browns up from the airport and the missionaries from Kaajani from the train station and we had a great training day together

This wonderful couple have been our greatest support since arriving in the north. Elder and Sister Call have run the YSA program from scratch and are leaving to go home end of this month. They are CES missionaries. we get their car when they go.

The Force!!
How can you not love them. They are such a force for good . Fun loving but driven and determined to teach the Gospel. These are the missionaries in our Zone and come from Kemi, Oulu, Kaajani and Rovaniemi


  1. That fishing looks like fun. Perhaps fishing through drilled holes in the ice can be our next big family get-together.

  2. You look soooo cold. I though Mt Barker was bad in winter... xoxoxo

  3. We're in Australia Freja so we can't hang maggots through holes in ice, but we can all run barefoot through burning hot sand for hours in the middle of summer instead:)