Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Here we are in Rovaniemi Finland!

First official blog to all our family and friends and as a record for ourselves.
Tervetuolua means greetings
Where do we start!!  Staying with friends and meeting and making friends old and new while in Utah and in the MTC has been a reminder that we lived with each other before we came to earth and knew and loved one another even then, otherwise how do you explain the love that can be felt for people that you have only just met. We loved staying with the Ottersons in Farmington and getting reacquainted with their lovely family - we will always be family although not by blood.
While there we visited Pres Hess who sends his love.
An extra special event was to meet with Elder Arnold Dance who baptised my parents in Belfast in 1952 and also Alfie Nickels and his sister Maggie Arrington whose parents joined the church at the same time and were our neighbours. Again the joy we all felt at this reunion.
As you can see this is my first time at placing photos and I am nervous and confused but as Matt says make mistakes and you'll learn - just do!!
MTC -what can we say - energizing, exhausting, out of your comfort zone but for good reasons,spiritually revitalizing, made friends galore going to Nauvoo, Palmyra, Hawaii, Fiji, Russia and more and presented the first 2 discussions as a companionship to real people. Firesides devotionals and choirs as well as classes, food, language training and more food.Young missionaries everywhere speaking in different languages and reading scriptures and PMG,s and exercising and laughter.
After 7 days we arrived in Finland where it was COLD with snow everywhere .Stayed in Helsinki and were orientated to our assignment as missionaries in Finland.Visited the Helsinki temple and got to it by bus and train Pres and Sis Brown are great people and have worked wonders with the 60 missionaries that they have. They are sending us north into Kemi as new missionaries but until we get our apartment set up (have just found one but no furniture) we are staying in Rovaniemi 100kms away and have been involved with the 7 YSAs here and the 2 young missionaries as well as attending Zone conf, general conf and a Finnish wedding celebration that went ahead as an engagement party instead because the young mans papers had got lost in transit as he is from Iraq and she is a Finn :)
Our life is full and we are learning to live by the spirit and be directed by it
If anyone is passing this way drop in and stay as we have a spare bedroom and are allowed to have visitors
We walked  for 35mins at 0630 to the train station to catch a train to Kemi to pick up our car and it was-15 so you can see why we need hats gloves and I hope you like my great new coat!
Visited Santas village near here:)
I bore my testimony in Finnish last Sunday as I was invited by the Branch president and although nerve wracking it was a milestone.
Vanhin Soininens Finnish is great and improving every day.
We will write weekly or more frequently if possible


  1. Yay!! I love your first post and I am your first follower :)
    All the photos are great. It's wonderful to see what you've been up to. It makes it feel like you are not so far away. If I am passing by I will definitely come and stay in your spare bedroom ... I've always wanted to see where Santa lives ;)
    Love you both heaps XOXO

  2. this was wonderful chrissy...love you much.

  3. gosh I miss being a missionary!!

  4. Yahoo!! You are up and running now. It is wonderful technology to have you right in my living room. Love the coat - looks like you will need it. I love you dearly. Keep the blog informed.

  5. Love the coat mama, you look like one of those rich ladies all warpped in fur :) so glad you have a blog up!

  6. Like Di, I love the coat.. it looks so cosy and warm. The photos are great. love ger xoxoxo

  7. Brrrrr----
    ...can you ask Santa to send me a new IPAD please--I have been very good!!
    Love the Blog --keep up the good work!